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Portable & Seamless onsite companion

One platform allowed you print badges in seconds on demand, facial recognition checkin, tracking and more.

· Onsite Features ·


Logistically easy to assemble and even user friendly


Affordable in price and eco friendly lightweight material


Advertisement opportunities for your sponsors

High Speed

Check-in and print badges in seconds on demand

· Portable Kiosks ·

Counter Combo

You can use your own table or customise counter. This is the most popular counter combo set with mix and match laptop or tablet with USB plug and go printer and external QRcode & RFID reader.   

Desk Kiosk

The portable Desk Kiosk that fit perfectly into any registration area. Place the event registration kiosk in one area or at various locations throughout your venue, particular on self service setup. 

Event Kiosk

The foldable kiosk is extremely sustainable and allowed to dress up branding with your event logo, color themes and imagery without spending much money to customise counter or kiosk for your event.      

Counter Combo


Very simple and flexible counter combo set-up that makes use of laptops, tablets, printers and QRcode scanners. It provides you with flexibility in terms of the configuration, design and layout of your counter.

Idea for B2B Trade show, Expo, Congress, conference for badge printing on demand which already had existing registration counter and ready for setup. 


  • Assisted walking
  • Self-serve
  • Contactless check-in
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Compatible with various Label, Laser, Inject printers and QRcode scanner
  • Flexible setup various laptop or tablet
  • Hands-on to do it yourself

Desktop Kiosk


Our desktop kiosk is compact and extremely portable. The desktop kiosk comes quipped with a built-in QRcode scanner and label badges printer.

It is ideal for self services on-demand badge printing for B2B Trade show, Expo, Congress, conference, event to be place on the table or counter.  


  • Self-serve
  • Contactless check-in
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Build-in Label printers and QRcode scanner
  • Compact with sustainable materials 
  • Extremely portable
  • Single power source  

Event Kiosk


The portable firmed folding event kiosk is everything you need without table or counter onsite by simply plug in a power cable source, and you’re good to go. The kiosk are adjustable, dress-able by round color themes cocktail table cloth, Create eye-catching branding with your logo by PVC banner or customise wrap by 4 solid foam Boards printed with logo, color themes and imagery.

Idea for B2B Trade show, Expo, Congress, conference, themes event for badge printing on demand with standalone registration area. 


  • Self-serve
  • Contactless check-in
  • Adjustable & Foldable 
  • Dress-able with round color themes cocktail table cloth
  • Brand-able with PVC banner
  • Wrap-able by solid foam Boards printed with logo, color themes and imagery
  • Advertisement opportunities
  • Built-in scanner, badge label or color paper printer
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Portable & sustainable 
  • Single power source required

Onsite Quote Request

Facial Recognition, Cloud Printing, QR Code Scanning for on-demand event badge printing, Check-In, tracking and more with awesomeet


Everything you need at onsite in one convenient platform. Event Kiosk allows attendees to check-in and print their badges in seconds on demand. Started from the most versatile Desktop Combo and compact Desk Kiosk to the most portable foldable event kiosk design provides functionality and flexibility various event space, offering an efficient, affordable, sustainable and user friendly experience to organiser and attendees onsite.


Please fill up the on-site quote request form on the left or email us your requirement at

· Meet Our Onsite Team ·

YF Lee

Onsite Person-in-Charge (PIC)

KC Liew

Onsite Platform Engineer

Siao Yin

Onsite Applications Support


Technical Support / Manpower

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