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Your hand and legs of
your events

Your human resources staffing specialist for events, exhibitions, shows & tours. We faithfully serve the domestic and international organisations.

What we provide:

Event Staffing

  1. Event Usher
  2. Onsite Registration Staff
  3. Event Ambassador 
  4. Digital AV Crew
  5. Tourist Guide 
  6. Translator


  1. Air Ticket Booking
  2. Hotel Sourcing
  3. Venue Sourcing
  4. Airport Arrival & Departure Transportation
  5. Daily Activity Transportation
  6. Equipment 


  1. Sightseeing Tours
  2. Outdoor & Indoor Team Building
  3. Special Interest Activities
  4. Hiking Trip
  5. Shopping & Makan Trip
  6. Educational Exploration @ Mersing National Park
  7. Memorial Tours
  8. Virtual Tour

Your next event
tour guide

We have operations in various destinations that we feature including Mekkah, Madinah, Baitul Maqdis, Indonesia, Malaysia and etc.

· Meet Our Team ·


Licensed Tourist Guide Singapore & Malaysia


Event Strategies 

Hairiez Juhair

Senior Tour Leader & Event Coordinator

Charissa Ngo

Event Coordinator & Translator

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